Simple Tips To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

As the name depicts, a mobile-friendly website is a site, which is specially designed for the mobile users. In this digital era, you cannot deny the fact that the numbers of mobile visitors are more than the desktop visitors. If your site is not mobile-responsive, so, chances you are losing a number of customers. Does your website offer an optimized mobile experienced to your valued customers or not? No, so, what are you waiting for?

Competition is too high and if you are not capable of fulfilling the demand of your customer, then they have definitely moved to another site, without even wasting a single minute. Don’t worry, it’s better to be late than never. On the off-chance, you are planning to design a mobile-friendly website, so, the following simple tips will help you to complete this task.

Start with a mobile first approach: Always design a site for your mobile first and then scale up and design it for the desktop version. It’s because if the text, logo, design, images or other elements are easy to fix as per the screen size, then you should not have any issue with the desktop site.

Think with your thumb: Another important thing you should remember while design a mobile-friendly site is that your site is completely navigable with one thumb.

Focus on simple design: Always remember that simplicity is the best policy. Make sure that your mobile-friendly site or even your desktop site is very simple and stylish as well because an overloaded site may distract the attention of customer from the actual objective.

Keep your content short and sweet: No doubt, content is the king of your website and most of the people fall in love with it if they seem it interesting and informative in sweet and short manner. So, always try to say more in fewer words.

Give breathing room to your customer: An important thing, which you cannot ignore while designing a mobile-friendly site is that you should give enough space in between your text or images. This will help your customer to understand what you are talking about.

Don’t use Flash: Always keep in mind that some mobile devices do not support flash. And if your site is based on it, then it’s not going to display properly. It is an obsolete technology and nobody loves it. So, don’t use it, while designing a mobile-friendly website.

Don’t you think its high-time to take the next step in the growth of your business? If yes, so why are you still wasting your time? Go and consult a reputed Website Designing Company and take professional Responsive Website Designing Services with little investment.

Finding a Quality Freelance Graphics Designer

Wouldn’t we all love to be great with Photoshop? The fact is, it looks easier than it is. The realization sets in at some point that you are spending way too much time trying to learn and get the job done. Are your Photoshop designs actually even making your website nice? Probably not as nice as it could be. And honestly, your website means everything to your business nowadays. Ensuring that it is awesome and people want to return will require a good graphics designer. The best way to achieve this? Hire one online.

Whether you are looking for website design, logo design, tee shirts, posters, banners, business cards, etc. a freelancer can provide quality work at affordable prices.

First you will want to search the numerous freelancing sites available to find what the best fit is for you/your company. Next, decide what you want to spend. If your budget is low, no worries. There are many freelance designers out there who are good at what they do but are just beginning and are willing to do the jobs a little cheaper in order to build their portfolio. Sometimes the designer you hire is even from another country with a lower cost of living and will charge according to that. Or, in the interim, you have the option to hire expert graphic designers who will charge more and give high quality guaranteed work.

So now that you’ve gone through the sites, and found a few potential candidates, you will need to decide who you should pick. A few tips help you along:

• Make sure you get samples of their past work. Do you like it? Keep in mind that style means everything. Most designers stick to their own style and don’t necessary always match yours.
• Ask for references, and call them.
• Ask for an agreement – You will be the sole owner of all rights to the work, you will receive all files via electronic mail in case you ever need to make changes, hourly rate/fixed rate/expenses.
• Be clear and consistent with your directions, and let it be known that you will at times change your mind.

This is absolutely worth all of the effort. Your image matters. Your first impression matters, your company matters. The better you look, the more you will make.

In addition, you may make a contact with a graphics designer who is incredible and can work with you in an ongoing relationship.

Finally, if you are wondering what your job or project would normally cost, do some research on the internet to find out the going rates and compare. I would say the norm right now is anywhere between $35 to $45 dollars and hour. However, if you are able to agree on a fixed rate, do it!

Why User Experience Is Important in Web Design

Years ago you could simply throw together any old website and it would serve its purpose and make your business money, but fast forward to 2016 and the web is much more complicated. The sophistication that goes into websites in this day and age is quite remarkable. In this article we look at why the user experience is so important when it comes to website design.

So what exactly is user experience, well like the name suggests user experience is how the user feels when they land on your website. Does your website allow them to find the information they need, is it easy to navigate etc.

User experience or in the industry is commonly called UX is a very important factor to take into consideration when designing a new website. UX allows you to give the user what they want, when they want it. If you get your UX right then your customers will love using your website which will lead to an increase in sales, but if you get it wrong your customers will hate using your site, causing you to lose money.

User experience can be determined by a few factors, one of which is web page speed. Ever bought something from a website that took forever to load? Nope, me either. If your website is slow then your losing money. Your customers are more than likely leaving your website before they even see your offer. A good website should be fast, and one of the best ways to achieve a fast website is to build a custom made website from scratch, this allows you to use only what you need and get rid of any junk code that you don’t need.

A good website should also be easy to navigate, imagine trying to find a certain product to buy but you can’t find it because the navigation is not organised, is too small or can’t be found. You more than likely won’t buy from that site. Make your users find your content by making the most important content accessible by clicking it from the main menu.

You should also take notice of how your site looks on mobile devices. If it looks off, doesn’t work or something just isn’t right then you are once again losing customers. A mobile responsive website is a great way to improve your users experience on the mobile phone. Trust me, nothing says you don’t care about your users like a website that doesn’t work on mobile devices

How To Design And Create Attractive Banner Ads For Your Business?

Having a website is not enough. Having a feature-rich website too won’t help beyond a point. More than a website, you will need to market your business properly. You need to advertise your products and services on the internet. You need to reach to the target audience. And you need to interact with customers on a regular basis. Any gain to your business is only possible when it engages with its target audience. In a way, your marketing efforts should be directed towards catching the attention of the target audience. This is how you can grow the base of the business.

So, what is the easiest way to catch the attention of your target audience? More so, how to deliver to the audience a stream of engaging and interactive content to keep them hooked and then convert them into prospects? Well, it all boils down to how well you advertise, promote and market your business and its element across channels on the internet. Since there are many methods and tools for marketing, you need find the one that suits your needs and budget perfectly. Keeping all this in mind, you should go ahead with banner advertising to realize your marketing goals in an effective manner.

You should however understand that any success with this from of advertising will depend entirely on the kind of banner ads created. Which means, only attractive and eye-catching banner ads will serve the purpose for your business as such ads can catch the attention of the target audience. Your banner ads should be designed or created in a way to look better than those from competitors. Only then can you expect them to stir imaginations of users on the internet. If they are substandard and unimaginative, they will never be able to serve the purpose in the first place, let alone bring any benefits.

You will however need a team of graphic or web designers to help create banner ads of quality. But maintaining this kind of team means you will need a good budget, which is not the case with you. So, what are the options then? You should then search the market and look to find tools that will help in the cause of creating attractive banners. So, such tools exist in the market? Yes, they do, and a growing number of businesses across industry verticals are in fact leveraging them to realize their advertising goals. So, you should search the market carefully to get top products only.

In case if you found such tools, it would then become extremely easy to design beautiful and striking banner ads. Such tool can help to get multiple designs even without investing anything or without having a team of designers. With multiple designs to have, you can then leave the rest and select the one that fits the needs perfectly. A great deal of time and resources would be saved if you found a quality tool in the market. In a sense, you need to find a tool that has all those features needed for banner designing.

In case if you found some high-quality banner designing software, it would then become easy to create awesome design for your banner ads. You should however look to get only those tools that are responsive and that are compatible with all major browsers. More so, it’d make a great sense if you selected a tool that promises compatibility across all devices and screen sizes. Mores so, your tool should allow the freedom and feature of adding text, archers effects, images, clip art and shapes so that top-quality banner ads can be created with effortless ease.

Yusuf Javed is the proud founder and director of Product Designer Tool – an innovative company that provides personalized and customized banner designing software to clients. A tri-national (citizen of the US, UK & India) and tri-lingual management executive with decade-long experience in Digital Marketing, he has vast experience in building teams, strategic planning and direct sales.

Is It Worth Hiring A WordPress Consultant?

When it comes to hiring someone for a WordPress related job, it really depends who you think is the right person for the job. You can hire a freelancer, a WordPress agency, a decent developer or a WordPress consultant. But not all situations demand a WordPress consultant. Similarly not all tasks can be accomplished by a freelancer.

It depends on a lot of things.

Nature of Work

For simple tasks like newsletter integration or customization of a theme, you can approach a decent freelancer or a developer.

If you need a custom WordPress website for your business, you definitely need to approach either an agency or a competent WordPress developer.

If you are a small, medium sized or large business house, you need more than just a custom website solution. You need a well-behaved website, successful online presence, SEO optimized site and conversion rate optimization. You will need to run various advertising campaigns.

This involves the discovery, planning, implementation and deployment. A Consultant is the right person for this kind of job (period).

A WordPress Consultant will start with assessing the needs of a website for the business / company, will work out a plan and discuss the possible solutions. He will take the reins in his hands to deliver a site that takes your business to the next level. The focus of a WordPress Consultant is on delivering the site that generates revenue and drives sales.


You can hire a freelancer at a very low rate. You can find a freelancer to happily work for you for as low as $5 per hr. The problem is, freelancers experiment at the cost of your website. Many of my clients have shared their horrible stories of working with the freelancers. Some of them worth mentioning are:

– The work delivered was not as per the expectations.
– After the deadline was over, freelancer informed that he was not competent enough to provide the solution.
– I have to approach the freelancer every now and then to get the site fixed. My website breaks with every WordPress / plugin update.

So basically working with cheap freelancers come at its own cost.

Hiring a decent WordPress developer, the one who has an established identity, is a better option than going for a freelancer. They charge somewhere in the range of $25 – $100 on the hourly basis.

WordPress agencies and WordPress consultants are on the higher end. They charge for the value and the quality they offer. Their charges generally vary depending on the kind of project requirements you have.
If you are a business house, it’s better to hire a WordPress consultant. This will save you a lot of pain for a little extra price.

Work Relationship

For a one time job or a set list of tasks, it is generally a good idea to find a suitable freelancer / developer. The work relationship ends with the end of the project.

The project which involves delivering a custom WordPress website also is a one time job.

But in case of business houses, they need someone to work with them on an ongoing basis. Website maintenance, performance tuning, caching, page speed, landing page optimization, conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization, digital marketing, email marketing… a business website needs all this. Hiring a WordPress web development agency or a WordPress Consultant is always a plus for long term relationship. They make sure that your business is in safe hands.

Enterprise and Priorities

If you are just beginning, you will try to save every single penny and opt to build a WordPress website all by yourself or may be ask a friend to create one for you.

Domain Names Regulations

A domain name is an identification string defined by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). It should be pointed out that a domain name is assigned for exclusive use under one legal or natural person. Specifically, a domain name represents an Internet Protocol resource, such as a website. Domain name can be described as a location where specific information and activities can be found. As a result, from a marketing point of view, a domain name might represent the identity of the firm, as well as, the products and services offered by this particular firm. Hence, domain names must be as unique as possible, as the existence of websites with similar domain names can be misleading for customers and potential business partners.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an international non-profit organisation that supervises the assignment of IP addresses and domain names. Among the principal activities of ICANN are to facilitate the registration of domain names, to develop a policy for the internationalisation of Domain Name System and resolve domain names disputes. Notably, ICANN developed the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) in order to facilitate the resolution of disputes concerning the registration of domain names.

Registration Procedure:

In order to register a domain name, the registrant must check if the particular domain name is available and then register it with one ICANN-accredited registrars and create a WHOIS record containing registrant’s details. WHOIS is a database that includes information about registered domain owners. Moreover, it is possible to register domains through registrar’s resellers.

The registrant denotes the organisation or the individual who has registered the domain name. A registrant reserves a domain name by applying to a domain registrar or one of their reseller. The registrant must follow certain rules defined by the registrar. It should be pointed out that registrants have to be consistent with payment fees and submission of updated data. Furthermore, registrants have to list their domains on name servers in order that domain to be reachable on the Internet. Note that a registrant is obliged for securing or hosting his/her own name server in case the registrar does not provide this service or he/she has opted out of the registrar’s service.

Registrars are organisations accredited by ICANN and certified by registry operations to sell domains. Nevertheless, some registrants may choose to register through a reseller. Registry operators are responsible for accepting registration requests, either from registrars or registrants, having a database of the necessary registration data and offering name servers to publish the zone file data through the Internet.

Domain name dispute:

The UDRP established the legal framework that regulates the resolution of disputes between a domain name registrant and a third party over the abusive registration and utilisation of a domain name in the generic top level domains. As a result, any individual or firm can file a domain name claim concerning a generic top-level domain (gTLD) that uses the UDPR procedures.

The UDRP Administrative Procedure may resolve the following disputes:

    • The domain name registered by the registrant is identical or similar to a trademark or service mark in which the complaint has rights.


    • The domain name registrant has no rights or legitimate interests concerning the domain name in question.


  • The domain name has been registered and is being used in a bad faith. A striking examples of a domain name that has been registered and is being used in bad faith is when it is registered mainly to cause troubles to the business of a competitor.

3 Products Your Online Business Needs To Boost Income

Every online business owner wants to boost their income. You can do this by selling more of the same products to new customers or by selling the same number of products at a higher price. But if you’re only selling one type of product it does limit your customer base. That’s not to say that you need to sell so many different products that you can’t keep track.

It’s about having the essential product types that will appeal to your customers and boost your income.

1. Direct Income Products

Direct income products are the easiest way to start making money with your online business. The product is one-off purchase and is easily affordable for your customer. It’s a product or service that solves a simple problem for your customer or makes their life easier or more enjoyable. You deliver the product to them in an effective and timely manner.

You can create your own product to sell or you can sell products created by other businesses using the affiliate marketing business model. Whatever route you choose, the product or service has to deliver what your customers want.

2. Recurring Income Products

Recurring income products are something that you sell once and receive an income on a continuous basis, normally every month. You get paid for so long as the customer uses the product or service. These types of products are usually items like software licences or membership websites.

Even though the first payment you receive may be less than a one-off direct income product, recurring income products have an excellent long-term value and can generate a significant income over time.

3. High Ticket Products

A high ticket product for an online business is something that will earn you in excess of $1000. A high priced product has to provide exceptional value and a clear difference to the lower priced direct sales products that you offer. It goes without saying that you have to build a relationship with your prospects before they will consider spending a large amount of money with your online business. This is done by continuously delivering value in your emails, website content, blogs and forums, online seminars, pod casts, video tutorials, etc.

Customers are willing to pay a lot more if they get a superior product. Look at the difference between a first class airline ticket and an economy airline ticket. Lower cost products may do part of the job but don’t provide everything that a customer may need in the manner and timescale that they want.

4 Benefits of a Centralized Inventory Management System in a Multichannel eCommerce Platform

In a world of constant technological advancement, retail stores are going online, thanks to the ample scope and opportunities being offered by the multi-channel eCommerce. It has allowed the store owners to make their products visible across different market places and social media channels and thus increase the possibility of sales. However, in order to ensure effective management of products, these multi-channel eCommerce platforms need to have an effective inventory management system.

These multi-channel eCommerce platforms have a centralized inventory management system. The novel features of such an inventory system allow a client to derive the following benefits.

1. The Client can sell across all online sale-channels and that too from one single inventory. This feature brings about simplicity and empowers client to have proper control of it at a glance as well.

2. One-time Listing of Products – This feature provides clients with the much needed advantage of saving time, energy, repetitive work and manpower. Suppose a client of a retail store were to list his products in various marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. He would have to list his products individually for each of the multiple channel marketplaces. The unique feature of a centralized inventory management system is that it also allows the client to list his product only once with the multi-channel eCommerce platform and then from the very multi-channel eCommerce solution, the clients products get ‘pushed’ or listed onto the various other marketplaces.

3. The inventory updates itself according to the sales taking place across the various channels in real time. For instance, if the client has a total of a 100 products, then these 100 products are displayed across the various multichannel marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Snapdeal etc., uniformly. Now suppose there is a sale of 10 products in eBay, then the remaining stock amount displayed in eBay is 90. As the inventory updates itself in real time, the stock levels simultaneously displayed in Amazon, Snap deal and the other channels is also 90. Thus, there is no need to individually check into each of the stock content when they are already getting updated automatically in real time.

4. The client can effortlessly track the stock in multiple warehouses in different regions. Having the consolidated real time information of all the stock across different warehouses is not simple. However, that is exactly what a proper warehouse management system is built for. It is robust enough to consolidate all the data and yet sophisticated enough to streamline itself with the latest updates in the eCommerce and multiple channel eCommerce solutions.

Thus, the centralized inventory management system goes a long way in contributing to the efficiency and success of a multichannel eCommerce platform.

3 Of The Best Website Builders For Your E-Commerce Website

The site builder that you choose for your online store has a great impact on how your customers are satisfied with the products that you have to offer. The cool thing is that there are many builders to choose from. Some of the most reputable builders that you can go with include:


It’s one of the most reputable sites that you can go with. The cool thing with it is that it’s very easy to use; therefore, you can create a full store and customize it within a very short time even if you don’t know how to code.

To design your page you only need to drop elements in their right places. Here you need to organize the elements by simply dragging them into columns and rows. The main advantage with this builder is that it’s smooth and doesn’t have bugs or hiccups like other builders.


It’s powerful and extremely flexible. One of the most striking features of the site is the templates. The site has 32 templates which come with unique structures. For example, the shift template places the logo at the top left while the navigation is placed at the top right. The template also comes with an option of a large splash image on the homepage.

The native template on the other hand is designed to showcase content. Due to this its ideal for bloggers.


Wix is another popular website builders that was very popular a while ago when flash websites were the thing. When the popularity of flash websites declined, Wix had to redefine itself and now you are able to create Javascript/ HTML5 websites.

The builder is a true drag and drop editor. This means that you can literally drag elements anywhere on the page. This makes it easy for you to design your website. The dragging and dropping feature ensures that you are able to design your site even if you don’t know how to code.

The main flaw with Wix is that it doesn’t have a truly mobile website. Due to this you end up having two separate websites (desktop and mobile websites). This tends to make the experience and branding of your site inconsistent.


These are just some of the popular sites. There are many others that you can go for. When choosing a website builder, always go for one that is easy to use. You should also go for one that has excellent customer support that will help you in times of trouble.

Smart And Effective Tips For A Successful E-Commerce

Today, the international B2C market is doing so at break-neck speeds. Indeed, e-commerce is on an upward development. In many countries, sales projections for next year are estimated at $51.4 billion. Mobile commerce, emerging markets, brands moving into international markets, and advance shipping and payment options fuel this global growth. How can your venture in e-commerce make the most of the explosive opportunities? Here are some smart and effective tips for a successful e-commerce shared by the experts themselves.

– Establish multiple channel offerings. Consumers demand variety and convenience. And they have different shopping methods. Today, your multi-channel strategy should combine online purchasing with in-store shopping; your multi-channel offerings should also include mobile app stores, catalog shopping, and even telephone orders, should these apply to your customer buying behavior. A store that can offer up on-the-floor checkout with mobile devices will boost sales better than a store that still uses traditional checkout. With multiple channel offerings, your e-commerce business can tap into opportunities, online and offline while giving what your customers want.

– Invest in efficient and effective systems to run your e-commerce. It’s true that you need to offer up the best products at the best prices to gain traction in the market. But you also need to have the smartest ERP solutions. Expert retail brands like yours will achieve more by integrating applications that seamlessly manage and automate every aspect of the business.

– Personalize experiences, consider specialized offerings. It sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but your e-commerce business will gain so much more. One-of-a-kind experiences can captivate customers and encourage brand loyalty. Meanwhile, individualized promotions can capitalize on niche markets that could prove lucrative in the long run.

– Integrate mobile commerce. Don’t just use tablets and smartphones as part of your on-the-floor checkout and in-store online browsing. Make sure your mobile store can provide fuss-free access to services like delivery update, maps to your store or store layout and click-to-call, among others.

– Improve customer experience across all channels. Online and in-store, a seamless experience that goes beyond means the trained personnel meets customer needs and uses the best POS software. To consistently provide a seamless customer experience for all channels, your e-commerce venture needs to be certain about product availability and implement smart supply chain technology.